Add Patchstack as a security integration



over 1 year ago

Patchstack offers for free (99 sites per account)

  • Component detection

  • Identify vulnerabilities

  • Real-time threat alerts

  • Actionable security suggestions

For most this can server as a great free alternative (without wpscans 50 api call limit) solution for detecting vulnerabilities with Plugins and sites. See their vulnerability database as well here, similar to wpscan:

For serious users they offer much more including features that rival Wordfence and Sucuri and some that go further such as virtual patching.

Having an integration into Mainwp for vulnerability monitoring and tokens for things like the Pro Report would be stellar.


Anonymous #9410

over 1 year ago

I’ve been using this on a test site. Seems very reliable and runs well. The pricing is pretty fair. This should be a no brainer for inclusion!

Ken Sim

about 1 year ago

I agree and it should be integrated into the Vulnerability Checker extension. The MainWP NVD API returns too many false positives and the free version of WPVulnDB, (WPScan) limits to just 75 scans, counted as one scan per plugin and one scan for the WP core for each site. So at best, using WPScan could only provide a vulnerability check for 8 sites, each using 7 plugins plus the WP core.


8 months ago

Yes include this, I have tested and its a great tool!


6 months ago

Yes this needs to be added to the Vulnerability Checker extension. ManageWP uses it and they get warned faster as well.


6 months ago

For example the latest vulnerability from Elementor... It happened 4 days ago and ManageWP users got notified same day about the issue. I just got notified about it today by the Vulnerability Checker (and I have it check daily). The current database the Vulnerability Checker uses doesn't get updated quick enough and there are too many false positives.

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