Add Uptime Kuma support for AUM



Aurélien Denis

over 1 year ago

Hello there, not sure if it’s possible or not but Uptime Kuma is a really awesome open source service for uptime monitoring and status page. I’m using it on Docker and I’m trying now to replace NodePing for my MainWP client reports.



over 1 year ago

Yess, I would like to see this too.


Sebastian E.

over 1 year ago

It would be really nice to have a self hosted uptime monitor. 🙂

Uptime Kuma is a really cool tool with a lot of customization, I would love to see it integrated.

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Anonymous #16715

about 2 months ago



Anonymous #17080

23 days ago

+1 (and upvoted)

Uptime Kuma is great, have used it for quite some time and would love to be able to integrate it into my MainWP instance. Would also much prefer to use an open-source solution for this purpose.

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