Add Uptime Kuma support for AUM



Aurélien Denis

2 years ago

Hello there, not sure if it’s possible or not but Uptime Kuma is a really awesome open source service for uptime monitoring and status page. I’m using it on Docker and I’m trying now to replace NodePing for my MainWP client reports.



2 years ago

Yess, I would like to see this too.


Sebastian E.

2 years ago

It would be really nice to have a self hosted uptime monitor. 🙂

Uptime Kuma is a really cool tool with a lot of customization, I would love to see it integrated.

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Anonymous #16715

last month

Same here for me. Have been using Uptime Kuma for a long time now, +1


Anonymous #17726

last month

In order to add an Uptime Kuma support it first of needs a get it's API:

There are thrid party solutions which wraps Kumas into a public available rest-api but I don't an mainWp extension should rely on this 😅

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