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Sanja Tosanovic

9 months ago

Hi MainWP team,
I’m using MainWP just for a few days and it is very good helper.

I’ve tried Advanced Uptime Monitor with NodePing and that was interesting. I also considered Uptime Robot but then I’ve met HetrixTools Uptime Monitor - 3 and it has been a clear choice. They offer 15 sites for free even with SMS notification and this is very important for me.

So I just want to ask if you would consider implementing this service into a AUM add-on?


Dennis Dornon

9 months ago

We have reached out to Hetrixtools regarding working with us to create an Extension.

If the developer wants to work with us, we will move the request to Researching or Planned status, depending on the complexity of the Extension.

Dennis Dornon changed the status to Waiting

9 months ago

COG Branding

8 months ago

Hey Dennis,

is it possible to get a feature to use multiple monitor connected at a single time? maybe uptime and nodeping. might even be 2 uptime account and such.

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