Auto-update Translations when updating WordPress and plugins



Dustin Dauncey

2 years ago

After updating Plugins & Themes & WordPress core, there are often Translations which then show up afterwards needing an update. It'd be great if MainWP could auto-update the Translations immediately after updating the plugin or theme or core, part of the update process.




2 years ago

Please add this! I now its the least important of the three, but as more people are mentioning; seeing the Update(1) in all different websites in 'annoying' and makes me wonder every time again and again which plug-in was not updated. Then to realise it only was a translation to update.



3 quarters ago

Hi Dennis / Team MWP, is there any reason why MainWP have chosen not to implement this in the very first case? I am surprised that not more people are asking for this feature. perhaps everybody is using another plugin to solve this minor issue?


Anonymous #17529

2 months ago

We too would love this feature! Is there a reason anyone wouldn't want to automatically have translation updates run on Wordpress? Unlike with plugins, themes and system updates we've never once had an issue with a translation update.

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