Automatic Cache Clearing



Dennis Dornon

8 months ago

Initial Group: WP-Rocket, Breeze, LiteSpeed & Cloudflare


Dennis Dornon changed the status to In Progress

8 months ago


7 months ago

Nice !

What about WP Fastest Cache ? :p

Saleh Alnaggar

6 months ago

LiteSpeed cache is the most important one, I hope we can see it soon, sync many agencies are using it.

Anonymous #8698

6 months ago

Please also add support for the Stackcache plugin. This is used by many providers who use the cache/cdn function.

Website on this hosting can only use the mu-plugin stackcache for caching.

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

6 months ago

Skunkworks Creative Group Inc.

6 months ago

(Sigh) No WP Super Cache?

I mean it's only made by Automattic and holds the #2 spot in the WP plugins directory for "cache" with 2 million installs.

(Double the amount of W3 Total Cache.)

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