Automatic Cache Clearing



Dennis Dornon

10 months ago

Initial Group: WP-Rocket, Breeze, LiteSpeed & Cloudflare


Dennis Dornon changed the status to In Progress

10 months ago


9 months ago

Nice !

What about WP Fastest Cache ? :p

Saleh Alnaggar

8 months ago

LiteSpeed cache is the most important one, I hope we can see it soon, sync many agencies are using it.


8 months ago

Please also add support for the Stackcache plugin. This is used by many providers who use the cache/cdn function.

Website on this hosting can only use the mu-plugin stackcache for caching.

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

8 months ago

Skunkworks Creative Group Inc.

8 months ago

(Sigh) No WP Super Cache?

I mean it's only made by Automattic and holds the #2 spot in the WP plugins directory for "cache" with 2 million installs.

(Double the amount of W3 Total Cache.)


14 days ago

@Bogdan Now that this is completed with the initial plugins enabled, how do you want us to go about requesting additional caching plugins to be included? It seems like separate feedback requests for each plugin would be a pretty inefficient way to handle this?

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