Cache Control - Cloudflare + Plugins


Skunkworks Creative Group Inc.

4 months ago

Currently we're using a standalone tool that we built to:

  • Step 1. Clear plugin cache (WP Super Cache)

  • Step 2. Clear Cloudflare's cache (where the WP Super Cache files get further cached on their CDN)

While it's nice that MainWP has added support for WP Super Cache the fact that the extension can only do Cloudflare OR Plugin (rather than both) makes this extension completely useless for us.

Requesting support for plugin + Cloudflare.


Keith Crain ( MainWP Staff )

3 months ago

Hey @Skunkworks Creative Group Inc. - This was already added in version 4.0.1 Our documentation is now being updated to reflect this as that was an oversite or our side. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Please double check that you have your MainWP Extensions key saved and activated & check that your version for the MainWP Cache Control plugin is at 4.0.2 & all MainWP Child plugins are updated to Once fully updated; Resave your Cache Control Settings & re-Sync to your Child Sites.

If you continue to show this behavior please open a support ticket here:

Keith Crain ( MainWP Staff ) changed the status to Closed

3 months ago

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

3 months ago

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