Clear Cache Button on Dashboard



7 months ago

I think a lot of us were delighted to finally have cache clearing built in to the updates cycle for MainWP.

Now that the heavy lifting has been done and the code is in place could we also have a "Manual Cache Clear" button on the MainWP Dashboard?

I'd like to see this appeairng on the Indivdual Site Page, and on the All Sites Listing page (with check boxes and a select all button.)

I just find that under some conditions it's more reliable to push a manual cache request through a period of time after updates have been completed, as I find some of our websites can be a little "pre-occupied" clearing the WP Maintenance mode after updates, and this seems to clog up cache clearing as a result.

Also handy for those times when WordPress or the WordPress Toolkit in Cpanel, or Softaculaous, has carried out an automated update on installs but not flushed websites with a cache clearance.



6 months ago

I would like to see such option too!

Dennis Dornon changed the status to Planned

about 1 month ago

Anonymous #13155 changed the status to In Progress

about 1 month ago

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about 1 month ago

Anonymous #13155 changed the status to Completed

14 days ago

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