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Sanja Tosanovic

2 years ago


I think it would be very usefull an extension to manage Cookie policy and GDPR in all child sites. Everytime there is a change in the law or I add a new cookie I have to manage them one by one.
I’ll save lot of time being able to manage all of them from MainWP.
Do you have in mind to develop something similar?

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Steffen Otte

2 years ago


Jochen Haeberle

last year

I use complianz and it regularly checks the child site it is installed on for gdpr relevant changes and if so, asks you to go to it's wizard. Like database updates for other plugins, sort of. Would be great to have at least those notices available in the Dashboard.

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last year

I have been using complianz for a long time and have moved to Real Cookie Banner ( They have a much better system of cookie management in so-called templates. That would be great to see a plugin for it here.


Francesco Canovi

last year

I second the need of an integrated solution for a Cookie solution. I would also suggest this plugin:

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