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Sanja Tosanovic

almost 2 years ago

Hi, It would be great to be able to have an automatic update function in the favorite plugin part. I wish I could upload my favorite plugin with its license attached and that it automatically updates all the time. So when I have a new site to install, i can just pull the last version of my favorite plugins instead of an old one without licence that i still need to register and update on the new site.


Anonymous #11326

about 1 year ago

This would be great. Even if automatic licence transfer isn't possible, I could at least send the latest version of my premium plugins to my client sites.

Anonymous #12885

10 months ago

Agreed and there are plenty of plugins that don't exist in the plugin repository - like the custom plugins I write for my clients. I'd like to be able to either upload them or provide a URL for them so that they could be checked for updates and added to the update listing. It would be great to extend this functionality to themes as well!


9 months ago

It's been 12 months now, any supporters here for this Favorite extension?

So, while waiting this auto update available, how do you guys update the plugins to the latest version?


8 months ago

Yes please, I thought the concept of the extension was solid until I figured out it would only install what you put in there and not the current version of the plugins/themes.

Above All Media

8 months ago

Absolutely! We're currently having to delete, re-install, and re-assign plugins to their respective groups.

A single update and over-write option would be the favored methodology.

Anonymous #15377

3 months ago

I approved so much!

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