FlyingPress cache plugin support.


Alexander Kehl

12 months ago

FlyingPress is a speed optimisation (cache) plugin for WordPress. I find it better than WPRocket. Can I ask you to add it to your list of cache supported plugins? It is here:



11 months ago

Supporting this one. It is a relatively new plugin by Gijo Varghese. He is respected in the WP speed optimisation space. As he is highly active, I would assume a collaboration with him to get an integration going would be relatively easy.

As said by Alexander, it is a generally more performant WP Rocket alternative.


10 months ago


Dustin Dauncey

10 months ago

With the release of the newer MainWP automatic cache clearing, I sure hope FlyingPress is added to that list of supported caching plugins it can auto-clear, and hopefully sooner than later. :-)

Dustin Dauncey

6 months ago

Disappointed to see this still hasn't been added yet :-(

Anonymous #13157

about 1 month ago

The lack of FlyingPress integration and support is one of the main reasons why I haven't switched to MainWP yet. Maybe 2023 will be different...?

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about 1 month ago

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about 1 month ago

Anonymous #13155 changed the status to Completed

10 days ago

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