Freeze First Column in Site View


Denny Basham

over 1 year ago

Add the ability to "freeze" the first column in the site view like you can in a normal spreadsheet. The issue is that if you have many extensions installed you can't see which site info you are looking at if you scroll to the right.

Freeze Left Page (like a spreadsheet)

You lose which site you are looking at when you scroll


Steven W.

12 months ago

Agreed. This would be a huge UX improvement. It is otherwise almost impossible to efficiently manage sites without filtering once you have a few extensions set up.

Bogdan Rapaić

4 months ago

In Dashboard version, we added additional table feature that allows you to use this filter:
add_filter( 'mainwp_sites_table_features', 'mycustom_fixed_columns', 10, 1 );

function mycustom_fixed_columns( $table_features ) {

$table_features['fixedColumns'] = "{left:3}";

return $table_features;

to freeze first 3 columns.

You can tweak this part: {left:3} to some other value to freeze more or less.

For example you can freeze just first column with {left:1} or first 4 with {left:4}

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

4 months ago

Jos Klever

4 months ago

Thanks, it works, but when using the dark theme the fixed columns get a white background and that looks awful. I would rather suggest a subtle border to the right of these column group or a slightly different dark color as background.

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