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Bogdan Rapaić

about 1 year ago

Include full support for the GA4 properties.
Update the Google Analytics API library.


Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to In Progress

about 1 year ago


11 months ago

Any news as to when this will be released as our clients are chasing us for it :)

Eric Caldwell

4 months ago

This is a biggie for a lot of software. Even SEMRush hasn't fully implemented it. Wonder if Google will extend GA3 EOL like they have with other products?

Ben Daron

3 months ago

Are there any updates on this? I am pretty disappointed that it was not included in this week's announcements. Google has been pushing hard and clients are becoming impatient. It was even said at the link below about a year ago that this was a month out, but there has been no progress for almost a year. We're approaching Google's deadline and manage hundreds of sites. It's disappointing that we're going to have to rush through converting and updating because the extension has not been prioritized.[0]=AZVMsmPyZFyq5CX-unM5TrbQ9wKcNBGfbYj5wibrjwsqIWJb404V5y8SxhUJzTRQ-1bSQB0qOd6TV5yvgZSAiVRV3B5RNUxSpk59rxp3MhM29r0TgAO_PZ6anYUw2_5h7OAmeMJYTlZ5JQZJzlxdBI233r6a3rtjNy5ukbR0h-8PNKeczLGRjcjT3RoZbAfhZnU&__tn__=R]-R


3 months ago

No more support of GA3 property after few month, this is a must!


3 months ago

Clearly a must

Daniel Vos

about 1 month ago

This is definitely a MUST HAVE. The monthly reports we email to our 100s of clients include a section with website traffic from Google Analytics. This is what they expect and what we want to continue to provide to them.

Bogdan Rapaić

18 days ago

Updated in 4.1

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

18 days ago

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