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Sanja Tosanovic

2 years ago


I would love to be able to ignore the current update for WordPress, plugins and themes. When a new version comes out, I would like to see it re-added to my list of updates.

Use case:
I didn’t update my sites to WordPress 5.5, but I waited for at least 5.5.1.
I didn’t update to Elementor 3.0 on my sites, but I waited for the first minor updates.




Sanja Tosanovic changed the status to Planned

2 years ago


Anonymous #12885

last year

Functionality should also include a way to permanently disable core updates.

Some older sites I have inherited are using old themes that are no longer being updated and break with newer versions of the core.

I'd like to be able to permanently disable core updates and notifications on those sites. I'd also like to be able to see a list of all sites that have core, theme or plugin updates temporarily of permanently disabled... that way I have a list of those clients I can continue to encourage to upgrade/rebuild their sites.



last year

I'd love this. My most recent use case was when the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway broke subscriptions. I had to wait for an update to re-update my sites, and manually downgraded them in the meantime. As a related feature to this, to aid in such use cases as mine, it would be good to be able to "ignore and downgrade" any update. That way we can in one click both ignore a problematic update and also downgrade site(s) that may have already taken the update to a known-good version.


Jasmyne Churchley

last month

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