Integrate Complianz GDPR



Jochen Haeberle

last year

complianz (free and pro versions) regularly check the site for changes in Plugins and other techniques for gdpr relevant issues. If the plugin encouters changes, you have to go to their wizard to check the changes. Something similar to Elementor and Woocommerce DB updates to trigger...

Would be great if we could get aware of this in MainWP Dashboard.



Jos Klever

last year

It would indeed be nice to see the open actions for Complianz on child sites, so you know which sites need some extra attention. So I've sent an email to one of the developers I've had contact with before, to ask if they are interested to develop an extension for MainWP.


Idenet Agency

3 months ago

Complianz is one of the best and most complete addons for GDPR and compliance with other legislation, with millions of installations. An integration or module for management on multiple sites and installation from mainwp would be more than interesting.

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