List of Plugins Across All Sites



Anonymous #8951

almost 2 years ago

I'd like a list of all plugins across all sites under management

I can see the plugin list per site by going to each site, but I want a list of all the plugins (and Ideally an expandable list of the sites using the plugin).

A tree list of plugins with an expandable list of sites using the plugin would be great.

Also: Listing the plugins for the sites horizontally across the page is a horrible way to show them. I can't make my screen wide enough. At least allow the page to use sliders/elevators so the screen can scroll horizontally. An expandable tree list here would be best as well



Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to In Progress

over 1 year ago


Maxime Jobin

about 1 year ago

It would also be great if you made the list from the plugins found in the database and NOT sync with every site to get the list.


Anonymous #13155 changed the status to Completed

11 months ago

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