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Sanja Tosanovic

about 2 years ago

I love MainWP, but I am having one issue. I manage multiple sites, and having the ability to update all plugins can be a real time saver. The issue I have is when a particular plugin crashes while updating. MainWP just sits there without telling me anything. Sometimes, like today, on a couple of sites I was testing this on, all of the plugins updated, but the “updating” window never reported 100%, and didn’t close automatically.

If it would simply report that “the xxx plugin cannot be updated”, or show that each plugin has updated in the progress bar. Something like that.

Also, when updating plugins on a site’s WordPress dashboard, it states that (according to the author) “this update is 100% compatible with xxx”. If MainWP could report that as well, I could avoid attempting to update those plugins.



Eric Caldwell

almost 2 years ago

ManageWP has this feature and its a life saver because the site can throw the WP error screen.

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