Parent Themes should be locked by default


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Sanja Tosanovic

8 months ago

TL;DR The default ability to easily delete a Parent Theme can completely break a site. Shouldn’t be so easy to do.

I was quite shocked that MainWP would happily allow me to delete the parent of my active child theme.

Working in MainWP allows for sweeping changes, and it’s my contention that any parent of the active Child Theme should not be removable. They should be locked by default and, if one really wants to remove it for some unimaginable reason, one should have to affirm multiple times.


Sanja Tosanovic changed the status to Planned

8 months ago

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to In Progress

7 months ago

Bogdan Rapaić

7 months ago

Scheduled for version 4.2

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

6 months ago

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