Possibility to jump to another website from the Updraftplus Backups window admin




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Actually, if you want to see when was the last backup for a specific website, you have to click on "Updraftplus Backups".

Then, if you want to see the same information for another website, you have to go the other website, and then click again on "Updraftplus Backups".

What about integrating a "jump to another website" menu there ?



Keith Crain ( MainWP Staff )

2 quarters ago

This ability was added in a past release of MainWP.

To quickly navigate to another Child Site Overview page using the Quick Site shortcuts in your MainWP Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the Quick Site shortcuts, which are typically located at the top of your MainWP Dashboard. This feature is designed to provide you with fast access to specific sections of each Child Site.

  2. You'll see a list of your Child Sites displayed as part of the Quick Site shortcuts. Each site listed will have direct links to various sections such as Overview, Updates, and more, depending on your MainWP Dashboard configuration and the extensions you have installed.

  3. To navigate to the Overview page of a specific Child Site, simply click on the Overview link associated with the site you're interested in. This action will take you directly to the Individual Child Site Overview page for that specific site.


Keith Crain ( MainWP Staff ) changed the status to Completed

2 quarters ago


Jasmyne Churchley

last month

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