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2 years ago


I think something could be improved in Pro Reports.

I'm in a situation where some of our child sites have almost all report-compatible plugins (analytics, uptime, lighthouse...)

and others have none or few of them.

The problem is that in report template, MainWP is using "is_plugin_active" to know if analytics is enabled.

If the plugin is enabled in MainWP, but not in the child site, empty data will be showing in the report of this child.

In "Report Data", everything is set on "Hide if empty", but it has no effect.

tl;dr : When checking if plugin a is enabled in Pro reports, also check that it's enabled for the site of the report.




last year

This is also something that I would be interested in seeing. For example, if a single website does not have WordFence installed (but it is installed on the MainWP site with WordFence present for other sites) then the Security section shows but is empty. It could be confusing for clients as they may then think that no security measures have been taken on the site (when it is likely that there are other security measures taken other than through WordFence).


Bojan Katusic

2 quarters ago

This behavior was not intended and was fixed in Version 4.1.2 – 9-13-2023.

Now, if a child site doesn't have any data for a certain section of a Pro Report (e.g. Security), that section will be omitted from the report.


Bojan Katusic changed the status to Completed

2 quarters ago

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