Pro Reports



Foster D. Coburn III

over 1 year ago

With the "regular" reports, we could do far more customization to include graphic and intro for each section. But the old version didn't do PDF. The "Pro" reports require editing PHP to customize the reports and the included reports are blah at best. We don't even have the option to include some information, Google Analytics for example, without editing the PHP and inserting tokens. Why doesn't it have a checkbox like other types of information? Typemarker has a fairly expensive add-on that does more, but has zero documentation. Given that reporting is extremely important for letting clients know of the work we've done for them, this is in need of a massive update.



Bojan Katusic

3 months ago

In version 4.1 – 5-9-2023 we have expanded the selection of what data can be included in the Pro Reports simply by selecting it from a dropdown.

All applicable extension data can now be included in the UI.


Bojan Katusic changed the status to Completed

3 months ago

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