Pro Reports without PDF and token support in body



over 1 year ago

With the pro reports extension a PDF is always sent to the client and, in our case, that's not needed.

We only send a quick overview of how many backups were made, how many visits, how many updates, etc... With the previous extension that info was quickly and easily editable and inserted in the email body, now not so much. We can't even add those tokens to the email body.

I understand the need for PDF reports but you could bring back token support for the email bodyand add an option to generate the PDF or not



11 months ago

I completely agree with this proposal.

Consider that many people find it difficult to open .pdf files from their mobile phone.

So I think that a short summary in the body of the email using tokens is necessary.

You can see for yourself that the phrase "can't open pdf files from mobile phone" has a lot of interest on Google with many results

And since it was a function in the previous version, I think it will be easier for you to include it in the new version.

Thanks in advance

Big Picture Communication

10 months ago

This is extremely important!

It makes no sense that there isn't an option to include the site data in the body of the email. PDFs are archaic and unnecessary - nobody wants to download and open a file that's designed for print! (If they need to print it, they can print the email.)

Please, please let us skip the pre-built pdf templates and just include the content in the email. I was doing that for years with Client Reports, but not you've retired that and forced me to use Pro Reports and it feels like a big step backwards.

Bogdan Rapaić

7 months ago

Option to use all tokens in Emails is added to version 4.1

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

7 months ago

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