Safe Updates in MainWp



Francesco Tosi

last year


SafeUpdates runs in the background, automatically detecting core, theme, and plugin updates on your behalf.

Schedule or on-demand

Scheduled updates for a day and time of your choice or on-demand updates whenever a new version is available.

Control what gets updated

You decide which core, themes, and plugins you want to update or schedule for later.

Advanced Visual Regression Testing (VRT)

Advanced VRT, end-to-end tests, and performance checks catch changes a human could miss. Eliminate any risks to ensure your websites don’t break or be affected by updated versions.

Email notifications

Enable email alerts for scheduled updates (24 hours prior) and all successful & unsuccessful update attempts.

Core Web Vitals check

Testing updates include performance checks to ensure the new version doesn’t affect site speed, SEO performance, or Core Web Vitals scores.

Premium Plugins

SafeUpdates works for all Premium plugins that support WP-CLI ensuring that your favorite plugins are always updated.



Francesco Tosi

last year

This feature is live on Cloudways, but would be great if could have on MainWp.


Francesco Tosi

last year

Wouldn't be great if we can have Safe Updates like here in Main Wp? How this would work

1- MainWp will takes a backup of your system
2- Creates a staging site
3- Performs updates in the staging site already created
4- Takes a screenshots Before and After for VRT
5- Performs Checks & Multiple End-to-End Tests
6- After testing MainWp will performs Updates on Production Site


1- Auto-update detection

2- Choose between Schedule or On-demand update

3- Control which core, themes, and plugins gets updated

4- Advanced Visual Regression Testing (VRT)

5- Email notifications

6- Core Web Vitals check

7- Safe Updates would works for all Premium plugins that support WP-CLI ensuring that your favorite plugins are always updated.

If you think the same as me and a support agent who said to me "Thanks for reaching out and suggesting this ( It does seem like it would be a good addition. Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.", then, check this out here and comment or upvote


Anonymous #12248

last year

Backup before update


Francesco Tosi

last year

Yes, this is the number one in the "How this would work"


Bojan Katusic

2 days ago

While we haven't added all the features described here, it is worthwhile mentioning that in version 5.1, we have added a rollback feature for failed plugin and theme updates.

More about the feature here:

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