See which Code Snippets apply to a Child Site at a glance


Dustin Dauncey

6 months ago

It currently is difficult when managing many Code Snippets in MainWP to see what ones apply to any given Child Site. Currently it requires loading up every Code Snippet one by one and checking that way. I’d love to see a tab or something where I could do a quick lookup of Code Snippets by the Child Site, so that if I wanted to easily see what Code Snippets are applicable to Website #30, I can do so without needing to access dozens of Code Snippets individually.



6 months ago



5 months ago

Not even that. I have just opened a frequently used code snippet which is running on multiple sites (I know it is by checking the individual sites), but none of the boxes are ticked. I ran "Sync Dashboard with Child sites", yet nothing is ticked and I'm now mildy scared to run it on a new site I've just added, because the unticked sites will all uninstall it? Yet since no site has a tickbox against them all of a sudden, and I have no memorised which sites need the snippet, I cannot just randomly re-tick those sites.

This is a really unusable method for something quite substantial. I would really urge the developers to re-think this bit of UX.

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