Update from dashboard tigger backup auto before update feature (WPvivid/WP Time Capsule/updraftplus)



over 1 year ago

When you launch an update on the child sites from the dashboard, it triggers the "backup before update" feature present in WPvivid, WP Time Capsule or Updraftplus plugins.

This would allow to rollback easily in case of problem !



over 1 year ago

This is for us a highly needed feature, it greatly increases site reliability. For us UpdraftPlus is the one that's needed specifically

WiL Laxa

about 1 year ago

I thought this was already built in. But definitely would be great to have. It will solve one of the most time consuming problems for maintaining WordPress websites.


12 months ago

This works perfectly well on InfiniteWP and we can't jump to MainWP while this functionality with WP TimeCapsule is not available...!

Thanks !

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