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Sanja Tosanovic

almost 2 years ago

The security section of the WP Care Pro Report needs some attention!

The only options are to provide the results of a sucuri site scan, which we know is something that cannot be automated. If I need to run weekly scans to make anything populate in this section I’m paying someone to go and click all the ‘scan’ buttons for all our sites which is just not something that is happening.

We need the ability to either show the stats from the built-in vulnerability checker which uses 2 or to use some other security system like Shield Security Pro, or any others.


Ken Sim

about 1 year ago

I Agree. It would also be nice to see Patchstack integrated into the Vulnerability Checker

Jochen Haeberle

9 months ago

also ithemes Security offers interesting security related information on a regular basis. It might be a bit outdated, but it's automatic.

Security is not a "do oncce" issue, it needs to be used repeatedly...


8 months ago

i would recommend to use WPVulnerability in these reports, the plugin developed by Xavier is very good and has a opensource and free to use api.

Michael Krakowiak

8 months ago

I second what Kyzoe said. Integration with Patchstack or Vulnerability Checker mentioned by Ken would also be welcome.


7 months ago

+1 for Vulnerability Checker

Bogdan Rapaić

7 months ago

Added in 4.1

Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

7 months ago

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