WordFence additional tokens for Reports


Extension Enhancement

Sanja Tosanovic

2 years ago

Extend WordFence tokens for Pro Reports to summarize how many attacks were blocked. As far as I can tell we only have the option to summarize total scans.



Eduardo Sans

2 years ago

Yes, I agree that the information regarding security reports is a little too basic. There is no way to prove the effectiveness of the tool unless we show how many attacks and/or users were blocked.



2 years ago

Yes, that would be e great idea!

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Jason Sindram

3 weeks ago

Really would like to have this. It makes the reports so much more valuable if we can show actual threats are removed. Up until now it is just a not so much saying line of text.



3 weeks ago

While the reports need to say more for sure about what is happening we will loose the client at some point as they do not understand the terminology or what is really happening. I am not sure about showing threats "removed". There is so much more that needs to happen once the website has been breached. Not only does the threat have to be removed but the backdoor/security breach also has to be removed or fixed. Also at that point a detailed audit of the site should happen just to make sure nothing else was added to the website (files or in the Database).

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