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Sanja Tosanovic

9 months ago

Hey Guys,

Can you please add WP Security Ninja extension as well. It’s from the same WebFactory Family which many of people have been introduces and have been using there 2 other plugins WPreset and coming soon


Dennis Dornon

9 months ago

We have reached out to WP Security Ninja regarding working with us to create an Extension.

If the developer wants to work with us, we will move the request to Researching or Planned status, depending on the complexity of the Extension.

Dennis Dornon changed the status to Waiting

9 months ago


8 months ago

They appear to have just released there own


Bogdan Rapaić changed the status to Completed

8 months ago

Mustaasam Saleem

8 months ago

Thank you everyone! Our friends at WP Security Ninja jumped forward and built an extension for you.

Have a look at it:

Keep submitting your valuable feedback.

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