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Sanja Tosanovic

over 1 year ago

Hey Guys,

WpVivid has made very good effort to link their plugin which is really appreciated but it would better to have this in your repository which will with more functionalities like you have updraft plus it will be much easier to handle our settings.



over 1 year ago

Yes this extension needs improvements as several features are incomplete. I have mentioned it to WPVivid as well in a support request last year.

Currently the latest version of the extension is missing some key features (as of 2022-04-19).

Before plugin updates MainWP checks to see if a backup is run within the last X hours (I can't remember the exact number). Well I have backups done nightly and this check never finds any backups (so this needs fixing).

Also when a backup is not found it asks if you want to make a backup before the plugin update. If I click yes to do the backup it just skips over the backup attempt and installs the plugin (so this needs to be fixed as well).

Dennis Dornon

over 1 year ago

We won’t be making our own WPVivid Extension when they have all ready created one. Any feature requests should go to the WpVivid team. Closing

Dennis Dornon changed the status to Closed

over 1 year ago

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