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RankMath Extension


AdministrativeContentNew Extension

It seems like more and more people are disenfranchised with Yoast and attracted to other less expensive SEO options, such as RankMath. Would it be possible to get a Rankmath extension?


Update Woocommerc DB from MainWP Dashboard


Core EnhancementNew Feature

Hi, after updating WooCommerce sometimes its DB needs to be updated as well. Is it possible to get the info that the DB needs to be updated and/or add this update option as well?


Broken Link Checker Extension (bring it back!)


Bring back the Broken Link Checker Extension that was supported in Main WP until 2020. This is a key feature to centralize link checking for Word Press sites and all major competitors have this feature built in. There have been a few discussions about this in the Support Forums for Main WP and they are here: https://meta.mainwp.com/t/bring-back-broken-link-checker/2036 https://meta.mainwp.com/t/broken-links-checker/2093 https://meta.mainwp.com/t/broken-links-extension/439 There is a non-supported version on GitHub based on the 2020 code base (https://github.com/7thcirclegit/mainwp-broken-links-checker-extension) but it has a major issue where a list of URLs is not properly returned. I am currently having a PHP Developer look at fixing this so it might be super easy to include this in the code code base. Here is what the 2020 version looks like within MainWP currently (keeping in mind that a list of URLs is NOT returned). Main Overview Screen: https://share.getcloudapp.com/NQuxyv9G Extension Overview Dash Screen: https://share.getcloudapp.com/llu6P4ek Site Overview Screen: https://share.getcloudapp.com/WnuqQEnE URLs Screen (not populated b/c data missing): https://share.getcloudapp.com/kpu4XmqP So, in short - this is KEY functionality that any Web dashboard should have. I want it badly enough that I am paying a Dev to see if we can get the 2020 version fully functional but ideally this should be included in the main paid code base (Pro) and maybe even part of the free version that is supported long-term. If the Dev I am paying gets this working again I will provide the fixed version to the community so we really just need someone to take over/work with this on a more permanent basis. FYI - on the child site side it relies on the very popular broken link checker plugin from WPMUDEV (700K+ active installs) that is well supported here - https://wordpress.org/plugins/broken-link-checker/. Please up-vote this request and let's get a great/enhanced broken link checker extension back on the Main WP dashboard.


Pro Client Reports: Report Tokens for iThemes Security


AdministrativeExtension Enhancement

It would be very helpful if we could also document the use of iThemes Security in the reports. Unfortunately, there are no tokens yet. Tokens for the last malware scan (day, time, status) would be important. In addition, a summary of all lockouts and brut force attacks in the report period would be great.


WPVulnDB Automatic Queue For Continuance


SecurityExtension Enhancement

Since the vulnerability database began charging for API access with only 50 free per day, the value of the extension has really been limited. It would be nice if a feature could be added so that we could enter the number of API requests we get per day (50 for free or some other for those who pay), and have the extension stop after exhausting each of those API calls and then queue up the remaining ones to begin on the following day when the credit is refreshed. This would allow the system to ‘rotate’ through sites each day as API credits were available and provide at least some level of scanning instead of nothing. Another options would be to be able to include this as part of the maintenance extension so users could just set maintenance tasks for each site they wish to scan and have them run on different days when the API credit is refreshed.


White Label Extension Plugin Names and Descriptions - Per Extension


I have installed the MainWP Child plugin and MainWP Pro Reports extension plugin. ANd noticed that the Pro Reports plugin just inherits everything I've set up to white label the Child plugin. MainWP Child Plugin Name: [SERVICE NAME] by [BUSINESS NAME] Plugin Description: This plugin allows the team at [BUSINESS NAME] to monitor your website as part of your [SERVICE NAME]. Please do not deactivate or delete this plugin. If you have any questions or need assistance with your website, please click on the "Get Support" link in the main menu and fill in the Support Form to get in touch. With [BUSINESS NAME] your website is in good hands! MainWP Pro Reports Plugin Name: It currently just sticks "reports' on the end of the name of the child plugin. [SERVICE NAME] by [BUSINESS NAME] reports Please let me customise this so I can Capitalise it to read as "Reports": [SERVICE NAME] by [BUSINESS NAME] Reports Or Customise it entirely to say something else, It's a great opportunity to reinforce your brand in the minds of clients: Reports by [BUSINESS NAME] Description: The plugin description for Pro Reports needs to be different to the Child plugin, as they both act differently - and it's weird seeing the same content in the plugin list twice. (And I suspect multiple times if I add any more extensions) I'd love to be able to customise it entirely: This plugin allows the team at [BUSINESS NAME] to report on the activities done within your website as part of your [SERVICE NAME]. Please do not deactivate or delete this plugin. White Labelling each extension separately would really allow us to elevate our brand in the mind of our clients. I know my clients really appreciate it. And for the price, I'm charging them, this kind of feels and looks 'cheap' as it is now. I'd love to see the options within White Labelling expand to allow us all to customise each extension we use so we can appear as 'premium' providers of website support. Fiona


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